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  1. Go to https://nighthawkequity.investnext.com/
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  3. Click “Invest Now”
  4. Follow the instructions
  5. Wire in funds

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Why We Like This Deal

  • Acquiring at a significant discount

  • Incredible going in 6.1 cap

  • 1988 & 1992 vintage asset with major renovation upside

  • Booming N. Atlanta submarket has doubled in population

  • 100% classic interiors – ability to raise rents by $200

  • Significant bonus depreciation available

Potential Investor Returns

  • 5% Cash on Cash

  • 15% IRR

  • Projected 1.9x equity multiplier ($100k invested = $190k returned)

How We Are Protecting the Downside Risk

Phenomenal Loan Product

  • We are buying this deal with fixed rate financing at a low 5.61% interest rate at only 65% leverage.

  • This loan also has full term interest only

    • This means the payments will be easier to make even in the event of challenges that may arise. 

Conservative Underwriting

  • Rent increases of only $100 more than the highest rent they are already getting. 
  • High economic vacancy modeled in years one and two of 15%. This is double what they are getting right now. 
  • $180,000 in extra capex reserves. 
  • Only 2 renovated units needed per month to be on track. 
  • Projecting only 1% organic rent growth year 1 (market avg is 4%)

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