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The Complete Guide to Real Estate Syndications for Passive Investors

In this exclusive multifamily syndication guide, you will learn about the Nightahwk Equity approach to underwriting deals, how we value prioritizing transparency, along with an overview of real estate syndications.

When you passively invest with Nighthawk, our aim is to grow your capital while providing peace of mind.

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What's the best investment? The Stock Market or Real Estate?

Thinking of investing in stocks for your future? Think again. This ebook reveals why even a 7% average stock market return shrinks to a disappointing 2.5% after fees, taxes and inflation. But an alternative investment like multifamily apartments could deliver double-digit returns, even after all costs and taxes.

Find out why multifamily apartment syndications are considered “the best investment on the planet.”


Early retirement through passive investing isn’t just a thing, it’s a real strategy. And a lot of these people have quit their jobs in three to five years simply by reinvesting.

Download a spreadsheet I use to make calculations about projecting wealth through passive investing easy to follow.

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Key Podcast Episodes For The Passive Investor

  • The Predictability of Passive Investing in Multifamily is Not What You Think
  • Why Multifamily is Better than the Stock Market and what You should Know
  • Break in to Multifamily with Joint Ventures

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Whether you’re a seasoned investor or brand new to investing in real estate syndications, we invite you to join our Investor Club to learn about our upcoming investment opportunities. You’ll join hundreds of other investors who are receiving passive income and on their path to financial freedom.