Unlock the secrets of real estate syndication and discover the ultimate roadmap to passive investing success.

Financial Freedom

Through Passive Investing In Real Estate Syndications

Invest in Real Estate Today!

Nighthawk Equity provides the most exciting new opportunities in multi-family investing!


Cash in your pocket quarterly.
Ability to double your principal investment.
Pay less taxes with depreciation.

Invest in Real Estate Today!

Nighthawk Equity provides the most exciting new opportunities in multi-family investing!


Cash in your pocket quarterly.
Ability to double your principal investment.
Pay less taxes with depreciation.

Better Returns Than the Stock Market

The average stock market return over the last 15 years was just over 7%. But did you know that after fees, taxes and inflation, the actual return was just 2.5%?

On the other hand, real estate syndications routinely yield average annual returns of 13% or more and that’s after fees, is taxed at a much lower rate (if at all), and makes a great hedge against inflation. For more information, read this special report.

Why Partner with Nighthawk for Your Next Real Estate Syndication?


High Quality Investments

We are constantly sourcing deals so you have a consistent selection of high-quality investments to choose from. We have access to premier off-market deals that most groups will never see. Joining our investor club will give you access to these assets and allow you to tap into our resources.

Strong Track Record

Nighthawk has built a strong record of over 2,200 performing multi family units in the Southeast. Please review some of our previous deals below and check out the Nighthawk team.

Conservative Underwriting

We're ultra conservative in our projections so you can rest easy at night knowing your capital is growing with less downside risk. Our deep understanding of capital markets and operations allows us to choose the right debt on deals, and add padding to our models in the right places to optimize success.

Unique Tax Advantages

Real estate offers tax advantages over nearly every other investment including stocks, bonds, businesses, precious metals, and even oil.

Our investors are able to benefit from legal tax avoidance and deferment methods encouraged by the U.S. tax code, including depreciation, 1031 Exchanges and tax-free cash-out refinances.

You can learn more about the tax advantages of real estate from our good friends at Bigger Pockets.

Featured Properties


Unit Details
Barcelo at East Cobb
400 Winchester
Monarch Villas

Our Promise

There is no other investment class on the planet with such a low risk profile and above-average returns.

Open Communication

We’re an open book to answer any questions or concerns you have about an investment. Once we close, we provide monthly reports to you so you know exactly what’s going on at any given time. We’re there if you need to contact us at any time.

Complete Transparency

We are monitored by a third-party auditor called Verivest who verifies our background, managed capital, and track record of performance. This means you can invest with us with a high level of confidence and without the guesswork.

Ongoing Education

Once you join the Nighthawk Investor Club, you’ll receive our weekly newsletter full of articles, videos and podcasts to help you make better investment decisions.

Investment Resources

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Investor Testimonials

Hear What Investors Have to Say

Nighthawk Equity has great people, process, and technology. They are industry veterans who know how to find incredible deals. I’m also impressed with their operations. The properties were remodeled quickly and look amazing. The occupancy rate and customer satisfaction went up. All while staying under budget. I’ve invested in several properties and plan to keep on investing. They earned my trust.

Mike F. Las Vegas, NV

I joined Nighthawk Equity as a passive investor on a 321-unit multifamily deal in Memphis. We closed in December of 2017, and in just over a year, the Nighthawk team has refinanced the property and returned 84% of our capital! I’m excited about the returns and look forward to investing with Nighthawk again in the near future.

Juan V. Houston, TX

I’ve been working with Nighthawk Equity for two years, and I’ve been extremely pleased. Nighthawk has excellent communication. They keep you in the loop with how your asset is performing. I’ve only seen high-quality investments from this team. They even extended themselves where I joined them on a property tour and lunch, an apartment which I’m a current investor. Michael, Garrett, and the whole Nighthawk group are courteous, professional, and I trust them with my money.

Colin D. Denver, Co

Key Partners