Spending All Your Money On Rentals?

Nighthawk President Drew Kniffin talks with Multifamily Strategy about how he started in real estate and what he's doing now. He's got some great tips for you if you're thinking of getting into the real estate market.

From accidental landlord to building a successful portfolio

Drew's story starts with a condominium he and his wife bought in 2006. When they wanted to move out in 2008, they faced a housing market downturn.

Renting the condo out became an unplanned solution.

Fortunately, the rent covered the mortgage, and over time, the market recovered. When Drew sold the condo, he made a significant profit compared to the underwater mortgage he initially faced.

This experience sparked Drew's interest in real estate investing. He leveraged the profit from the condo sale to purchase his first investment property, a single-family home in Minnesota.

He strategically bought the house in cash from Home Path, a government program that sells foreclosed properties.

After some repairs to make the property financeable, he obtained a traditional mortgage, effectively getting his initial investment back.

This video is just a glimpse into Drew's investment journey.

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