Garrett Lynch


After graduating from Illinois State University with a degree in Marketing, Sales and Organizational leadership in 2009, Garrett went on to manage a successful a successful nightlife business in Chicago. Leveraging his contacts in the industry he started investing in small multifamily projects with foreign investor capital.

This eventually led to him co-founding a multifamily acquisitions firm in April of 2013 at the age of 26. Starting with D class section 8 properties located on the South Side of Chicago, he moved to C and B class assets and scaled the business to 3400 units in 10 markets. Garrett personally sourced over 70% of that portfolio, with the majority of the assets being off market. Rather than use third party management, he vertically integrated with over 125 employees to operate the assets. After three years, he got bought out of his shares of the company, and traveled to17 countries and 33 cities including parts of Vietnam, Japan, New Zealand and North Korea before returning to the US to begin his next venture.

With his appetite for owning and operating large multifamily complexes, he partnered with Michael Blank and Andrew Kniffin with the goal to acquire more 150+ unit value add multifamily assets around the country. He currently controls over $300M of multifamily real estate and is the co-host of the Apartment Investing Podcast with Michael Blank. Garrett enjoys fitness, international travel, finding deals and helping others become successful in real estate investing.