Nicole Olson

Jr. Asset Manager

Nicole is a master-multitasker-at-large who has worked with various founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs to alleviate everyday business stresses and frustrations. After spending years assisting executives in varying stages of business growth, Nicole saw that the first-and-foremost step to success is hiring and retaining a reliable team. She founded her first company at the end of 2018 at 20 years old, which went international within the first two months.

After spending years working with clients in many different industries, Nicole fell in love with real estate and began pursuing a career in the field. Her demi-decade of executive assistance and investor relations work, as well as her Accounting degree, have enabled her to assist in raising over $60M in equity.

Currently, Nicole Olson provides asset management and business execution overnight to Nighthawk. In this role, she oversees much of the complex insurance and tax
needs of the business and monitors the operations of properties that vary in size and geographical location.