REITS vs. Private CRE Investments: Which One is Right for You?

REITS vs. Private CRE Investments: Which One is Right for You? Public REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) are a popular gateway for investors looking to provide their portfolio with exposure to commercial real estate (CRE) investing.  A REIT is a product of the tax code designed to promote passive CRE investing to the masses. They’re […]

Don’t Let Your Biases Affect Your Investment Decisions

According to a 2011 article in the London-based Telegraph, the Titanic disaster could have been avoided. But First Officer William Murdoch waited a full 30 seconds to take action. When Murdoch was warned that an iceberg had been spotted in the Titanic’s path, he waited to change course. As a result, the world’s most advanced […]

The Broke Millionaire

Be careful with your goal of becoming a millionaire. Not all millionaires are the same. The economic downturn of 2009 revealed many broke millionaires. Most of them qualified as millionaires only by their net worth. It’s like the cowboy with the big hat, but no cattle.   There are two types of millionaires: one with a […]

The Data Doesn’t Lie: Invest Where The Market Is Going

Investors are always quick to jump onto the latest investment trends but just as quick to jump off when the party’s over. EVs are the latest in many investments that have yet to live up to expectations. For years, backed by government incentives, celebrity endorsements, and feel-good environmental activism, Tesla was the darling of investors, […]

Cash Flow Portal for Investment: Optimizing Your Returns


DISCOVER HOW CASH FLOW PORTAL CAN HELP YOU TRACK AND MANAGE ALL OF YOUR INVESTMENT Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, and for investors, it’s essential to understand the cash flow of potential investments. Streamline your investment process with Cash Flow Portal. Our software is designed to help investors easily raise money, streamline […]

Equity Multiple for Passive Investors

Equity Multiple for Passive Investors Equity Multiple For Passive Investors Have you ever wondered what is the best way to determine if an investment is worth your time and money? This can be one of the limiting factors for many passive investors getting into deals. But I’m here to tell you that there is a way. The answer lies […]

How do investors get paid back? and When?

Congratulations!!  You just invested in your first deal and you’re ready to start getting all that glorious passive income. But, how do investors get paid back? Before you can go out and buy that new 58-inch flatscreen TV, you have to know when your money will come in.  So when should you, as an investor, […]