What you Need to Know About Bank of America’s $250 Million Fine


$250 Million Fine of Bank Of America Bank of America has been fined $250 million by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for opening fake accounts, withholding credit card rewards, and charging illegal fees. This is the largest fine ever imposed by the CFPB. The fine is a result of a two-year investigation by the […]

The Future of Office Space: Opportunities and Challenges

The Future of Office Space

Discover the shifting work landscape in ‘The Future of Office Space: Opportunities and Challenges.’ Let’s navigate the evolving realm of work environments, unveiling potential opportunities and obstacles on the horizon You’re no stranger to the ebb and flow of market trends. We had a red hot summer during COVID and now we’re still in this […]

Airbnbs Driving Up Housing Costs?

As a real estate investor, it’s crucial to stay informed about the latest trends and shifts in the market, not just here in America, but also around the world. I was reading the news, and one article from Global News caught my eye. Now, how Airbnbs Driving Up Housing Costs? Talking about the impact of short-term […]

How Important is Construction in Your Business?

How Important is Construction in Your Business

HOW IMPORTANT IS CONSTRUCTION IN YOUR BUSINESS They charged extra for that and it worked well for a while. But we got some very inconsistent results. Both on the property management and the construction side of things. I realized that people just starting out don’t pay enough attention to construction. Because we sure didn’t. Instead, […]

How Can Investment Diversification Protect Your Future


How Can Investment Diversification Protect Your Future How can investment diversification protect your future and your portfolio?  I often stress the importance of investment diversification as a key strategy for protecting one’s financial future. Diversification is the process of spreading your investment capital across a variety of different assets, in order to spread risk and […]

Cash Flow Portal for Investment: Optimizing Your Returns


DISCOVER HOW CASH FLOW PORTAL CAN HELP YOU TRACK AND MANAGE ALL OF YOUR INVESTMENT Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, and for investors, it’s essential to understand the cash flow of potential investments. Streamline your investment process with Cash Flow Portal. Our software is designed to help investors easily raise money, streamline […]

How do investors get paid back? and When?

Congratulations!!  You just invested in your first deal and you’re ready to start getting all that glorious passive income. But, how do investors get paid back? Before you can go out and buy that new 58-inch flatscreen TV, you have to know when your money will come in.  So when should you, as an investor, […]